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Revive CBD in Littleton, CO is proud to offer these Vive CBD Mints!  You'll love these pocket-sized containers with 200mg total CBD in each one!

Each Vive Lemon Lime Sublingual is packed with Vitamin C. Each container has 20 pieces containing 10 mg CBD.

All Natural - Ingredients from nature and safe to consume. 

Bioavailable - Designed to be sublingual, bioavailability is much higher.

Convenient  - Easily fits in the palm of your hand, pocket, or purse.

Discrete - Easy to use and conceal without the distinct aroma of flower.

Effective - Regardless of your experience, you can find a dose right for you.

Simple and sweet, they are fully-compressed cbd-infused sublingual, similar in style to a typical breath mint, each with a burst of natural and organic flavors. Vive Lemon Lime sublingual is complete with a dash of organic Stevia, non-GMO flavoring, and no added colors.

Try all the flavors!

Lemon Lime- with vitamin C

Crisp Mint- with organic peppermint

Tangelo-  with vitamin C

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