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CBD Dosage Calculator


The most common question we are asked at Revive CBD in Littleton, CO is "How much CBD should I take for..."

We are Not Doctors

Please understand we are not medical professionals and as such are not qualified to offer medical advice.

CBD May Not Work for You

The truth is CBD doesn't "work" for everyone.  While we would love to tell you to take a specific amount to "treat" your conditions, different people take differing amounts based on their needs and wants; and some simply do not see any recognized benefits.  

Confidence in Revive CBD

What we will confidently say is this...if CBD is going to "work" for you, we are confident that our product is an excellent, if not, the BEST Choice for most.

Our Suggestion? ...Give it time!

Allow several days of regular use for the cannabinoid levels to be "built up" in your endocannabinoid system before giving up on the product OR increasing your dosage.  While some people use higher amounts of CBD, others are satisfied using much less.  You may be surprised to find that you don't need to increase your dosage once the cannabinoid levels are higher.