CBD Coupons & Deals

At Revive CBD in Littleton, CO we have the best prices on CBD Tinctures, CBD Cartridges, CBD Balms, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Flower, CBD Joints, CBD Edibles and CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD for Pets, CBD for Dogs, CBD for Cats and more!

Yes...that was a pretty long list of CBD products!  Revive CBD has them all and more at Revive CBD in Littleton, CO!

So what about those deals and coupons?  

In lieu of a ton of coupon codes that don't work well with our system's automatic discounts, we've gone with this:

All Revive CBD brand products are BOGO 50% OFF (Buy One Get One Half OFF) everyday!

All other brands that we offer (i.e. Suzie's CBD for Pets, CBD Saves, The Hemp Barn, Gataka CBD, and others) are BOGO 25% OFF (Buy One Get One 25% OFF) everyday!

The way this is set up on our website benefits our customers:  Mix and Match however you'd like!  If you buy 2 Revive CBD branded products, each product will show 25% OFF.  This usually equals Buy One Get One Half Off, but at times it results in a discount of even more!

The same is true with third-party brands offered at Revive CBD (i.e. Suzie's CBD for Pets, CBD Saves, The Hemp Barn, Gataka CBD, and others).  When you add more than one item, each item in the cart is discounted by 12.5% for a total of at least Buy One Get One 25% OFF!