Revive CBD Nighttime Tincture

Revive CBD Nighttime Tincture
Having trouble falling asleep? Revive CBD is here to offer something that may be of use! Our new nighttime tincture! Offered in either 625mg in a 15mL bottle or 1250mg in a 30mL bottle. Our nighttime tincture has not only high doses of Full Spectrum CBD but also a higher than normal dose of CBN (5mg per 1mL dropper) than most products on the market. CBN is the cannabinoid Cannabinol, one of over 100 naturally occurring phytocannabinoids in the hemp plant.  And it's nickname is the "Sleepy Cannabinoid". While we can't make any medical claims we believe that this Full Spectrum CBD/CBN Nighttime Tincture is a truthfully wonderful product that we believe can help with sleep issues!

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