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Revive CBD's Flagship Product

Every company has a CBD Tincture.  So what makes ours so special?  

It is the whole hemp plant, making our product more complete (read about the entourage effect).  Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil has CBD (of course); but it also has CBG, CBDA, CBC, CBDV, and Delta9 THC.

These cannabinoids are extracted using Supercritical CO2 extraction, the best and cleanest method.

They are suspended in a pure, palm-free fractionated coconut oil, or MCT.  This is the very best carrier oil for CBD.

Finally, it is fully lab-tested.  Revive uses Botanacor Labs to third-party analyze each batch for potency, microbial contaminants, pesticide residue, heavy metals & residual solvents to ensure the best, most potent products.

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Revive CBD Maximum Strength Tinctures


With over 100mg of CBD in every dropper, this is the strongest, most complete Full Spectrum CBD Oil we can produce!

Third-party lab tested products are always a guarantee at Revive CBD in Littleton, CO!

And if you compare pricing to anything remotely similar, you'll find our quality and our price are UNMATCHED.

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Revive CBD is a Shop You Can Trust!

CBD Near Me: Revive CBD | Littleton | Oil. Gummies. Vape. Pets.

We are passionate about helping people!  

Many of our customers begin their search for CBD while they are suffering.  At Revive CBD, we have a passion for helping people during their most vulnerable times.  We want to help our customers through some of their most painful and anxious moments of life. We do this through prioritizing empathy and compassion in each conversation we have with you.  When you interact with us, we want you to leave feeling loved, understood and truly helped.

We will strive to understand exactly how you are feeling so that we can give you support and encouragement during this journey.

Through education and compassionate listening, we can help you make an informed decision about which of our products is best for your unique needs.  Our intention is to truly understand how you are feeling in order to give you the support and encouragement that you need and deserve on an individual level.

Our mission is to foster a relationship with you which focuses on your relief!

Buy the Best CBD Tinctures or CBD Oils, Gummies, Vape Carts, Balms, Joints & Pet Products.  View Certificate of Analysis for each product from Revive CBD near Littleton, CO, 80127. 

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We're Thinking of You! Clean & Safe Hemp Products

So much thought, studying & research goes into every item available at Revive CBD.  Whether it is the supercritical CO2 extraction process which yields the cleanest extracts, the carrier oils selected for absorption rates or even the essential oils used in our topicals, we are thinking of you!

All products are derived from industrial hemp and have been third-party lab tested to ensure we offer only consistent, clean and potent CBD offerings. This isn't an industry or government-regulated standard, but it is the Revive CBD standard!

Revive Exclusive Products!

Littleton's Best CBD Shop is Locally Owned & Operated

Thanks for supporting local businesses!

Revive CBD was founded in 2018 by two families. We opened our first retail shop in Littleton, CO to provide a welcoming, comfortable environment for customers to learn about CBD, discuss their needs and purchase the highest quality products available! We proudly offer the highest-quality CBD, CBD Oil, CBD Tincture, Dog and Cat treats, Topicals such as Bath Bombs, Balms and Balm Sticks, and CBD Hemp flower and cartridges, as well!

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Revive Just Celebrated a One Year Anniversary!

Gummies, Oil and Tinctures and so much more!

Priding themselves in the quality and price of their products offered in their CBD-only retail shop, two families opened Revive CBD in June of 2019 in the Kipling Marketplace. One of the two families, the Vandiver family, live near the shop and typically works in the shop every day, staying involved in their customers' lives.


Alisha and Patrick Vandiver have been in Colorado for seven years.  While they both work in the shop often, you can find Patrick there just about every day.  He glowed about his one-year old shop.


"We try to get people in the door with a Free Sample we offer to new customers.  But once they're in our shop, we make sure we do everything possible to really take care of them.  We just feel like with our products and prices...and especially our service, if people find us, they'll stay with us," Vandiver glowed.


New customers are handed a free 25mg CBD Lip Balm made by Revive when they sign up for the generous loyalty program offered in-store.


Revive CBD gives customers the option to join their loyalty program, powered by Fivestars, when they visit the Littleton shop.  Customers can store up points to eventually redeem for all kinds of rewards and discounts. 


Locals have found them to be a trustworthy source for CBD Tinctures (also known as CBD Oils), CBD Vape Carts, CBD Gummies and all other types of products.  Unlike so many other companies in the industry, Revive CBD has each product third-party lab tested to ensure customers only receive the best, high-quality products. (You can view the results, or Certificates of Analysis, on their website at


For each category of CBD products offered, the Vandiver family spent months researching and developing unique products with high cannabinoid potencies to serve the needs of the Littleton community.  


But the journey hasn't come without issues.  During the first four months after Revive CBD opened, the shop was limited by payment processors, making it impossible at the time to accept credit cards. 

"We tried everything while we were seeking approval for credit card processing.  We used Venmo and CashApp for a while...and usually just had to accept cash.  We were so relieved to finally get approval for credit card processing in the Littleton shop and the online store," store owner Vandiver said.


The online store has expanded the ability of Revive to get their product to even more customers.  Because of its newly federally legal status, they are now allowed to ship their CBD products to every state.


The Tastiest CBD Gummies

Hemp has never tasted so good!

CBD Gummies are the tastiest way to consume the popular cannabinoid CBD, or cannabidiol.


Get these CBD Gummies in either a small 6-count bags or larger 30-count bottles. CBD Gummy Bears with Cannabidiol are super popular and extremely tasty.  Not overly hemp flavored, and not overly sweet.  Still, hemp has never tasted so good!  These are just right! Make sure you are buying CBD candies that are third-party lab tested.    

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